One of the most underestimated parts of a squash court is actually very essential for the game: squash court lighting. WSF court specification rule 11 states that „the court shall be lit by artificial light“ and the level of illumination is at least 300 LUX, measured at 1m above floor level. Although a minimum of 300 LUX is technically permitted, reality shows that playing characteristics are extremely altered and players having huge problems seeing the ball. Many older centers are facing this issue and there is really only one solution to amend this problem.

So what can be done to make the court brighter and achieve more LUX for better visibility of the ball?

ASB has developed a lights layout configuration that achieves at least 500 LUX, measured at 1m above parquet floor level. The squash court lights layout has been developed with the aim to ensure good ball visibility not only in the center of the squash court but in all four corners as well. The squash court lights are controlled from the outside, using either a timer mechanism or a manual switch.

During installation of the squash court lights, there are two different options for the client. Depending on the type of building and height available, ASB can either mount the lights directly onto the ceiling or the lights are hung from the ceiling. Both options need to ensure that the clear height of 5,64m measured from the top of the parquet floor is respected to have a squash court that is in regulation for competition. As for the light itself, ASB is offering two versions. Normal standard squash court lighting or LED squash court lighting.

What is the difference between LED squash court lighting and standard squash court lighting?

ASB is not only thriving to always incorporate the latest technology in its court systems. ASB is also always emphasizing on ecological matters. Therefore, we have decided to offer LED squash court lighting since it has a lower electricity consumption in terms of WATT for our clients and at the same time is achieving an equal or even higher brightness as standard squash court lights.

The question that remains for center owners might be: Can I switch from standard squash court lighting to LED squash court lighting? Fortunately, this can be answered with a clear YES. ASB has developed LED squash court lights that can replace regular lights without any extra cost for the client and center owners.