Squash court owners often ask: „What can I do to improve my squash courts?“ or „What is the easiest and quickest way to make my squash courts look new again?“ Depending on the condition and the wall type either being brick, plaster or panel, painting the walls of squash court is usually the quickest and easiest way to make the squash courts look brand new again.

How can I save money buying squash court paint?

The cost to buy squash court paint is usually very reasonable if the life span of the paint is properly considered. In fact, the immediate impulse might be to go to the nearest home improvement store and buy some cheap paint.

Unfortunately, the results of using e.g. an outdoor paint or even a simple indoor paint are completely insufficient for improving the squash court wall conditions. While it is certainly intriguing to try cheap paint for a squash court walls, reality often leads to disappointment as paint soon fails and peels off. The reason for this is simple: Squash court paint is the first line of protection of the squash court walls and receives constant pounding in small areas, each time sucking at it causing the famous ’squash‘ sound.

Using a standard paint, micro breakage of the squash court paint appears with every hit of the ball against the wall. While invisible for the first couple of times, the breakage forms spots that connect and eventually lead to entire pieces becoming visible to the eye and the parts are breaking or peeling off.

What type of paint should be used on squash courts?

So the question might come: „Is there some squash court paint deluxe?“ or “What type of paint is used for squash courts?” Fortunately, there are answers to these questions: When buying squash court paint, the best result can be achieved by using a product that is especially developed for squash court walls. The ASB elastic paint was developed by the leading squash court manufacturer for application in squash courts.

The ASB one-component paint is eco-friendly and save for transport. Its main advantage consists in the fact that it is resistant to these micro breakages due to its elastic structure. Once the ball hits the wall at such high velocity, the wall is not completely hard but slightly gives away, thus avoiding micro breakage.

What color can you paint squash courts?

And in case you wonder „What color can you paint squash courts?“, the answer is white, green, salmon or blue. So the squash court paint is not only available in classic white but also in some brighter colors in case you want to give your squash court walls a different bright look to make them look completely different and most of all new.

When should you refurbish squash court floors?

Although the walls might suffer most, the squash court floor is an important part of the court too. The floor requires repairs from time to time. Despite common thoughts that solid wood flooring can be sanded many more times in comparison to engineered floor, reality is different. Neither floor type should be sanded more than 3 times to avoid compromising the solidity of the floor. A floor should have a life span of at least 15-20 years considering a sanding and re-impregnation of the floor every 5-7 years depending on usage.

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